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“Our aim is for you to experience the poetic relationship of food and culture- That is a privilege and an honour.

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We are passionately creative and innovative humans and while growing up in Zimbabwe, we were introduced to gardening and growing vegetables, so that 'farm-to-table' ethos was ingrained at a very young age. We have a deep respect for local farming and it is always  impactful to experience how communities are embracing farm produce as a health message.

Our 'ethnic' vegetables are sustainably grown in Ontario and are packed with nutrients that offer many health benefits. When we started to grow vegetables, our idea was based on vegetables that were indigenous to Canada, offering a nostalgic experience to immigrant communities.  We also wanted to expand taste buds to those who were not familiar with the vegetables and  show the integrity and traditional ways in which our produce was grown.


We have intentionally created a brand that is about passion and culture. We are excited to bring new ideas that experiment and identify the flavours of nature in a bid for healthier communities.

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